Vichy or Tony????

Big roll over and yawn in the French elections. Marine Le Pen with her xenophobic, 1930’s style nationalist agenda still promising a return to the good old days of the French Franc and the nation’s post war, full employment economic glory. I think De Gaulle must be kicking the coffin, if only to climb out and strangle Marine Le Pen.

On the other side, former Rosthchild banker, Emmanuel Macron, promising a Tony Blair style, social democratic France.

I can understand why the far left have asked their supporters to abstain – but if you abstain, you can’t complain.

I’m not a fan of Macron. The Macron campaign a kind of ersatz populist bandwagon where everyone is trying to jump on.

Marine Le Pen – populism is a nice word. This lady is no fascist, just a nasty little nationalist cast in the mid 90’s Serbian mode. In French terms she is a Boulangiste with Vichy overtones. Been there, done that, and it didn’t work and if she gets elected, I’m just waiting for the first inevitable news reports of mass riots and civil disobedience –” pourquoi tenter la diable?”

Tomorrow night’s main event is the big TV debate between Macron and Le Pen. She will probably wipe the floor with him because she is a true “roots” politician and he is far too intellectual, but he should (bar a major calamity) win the main event on Sunday. Can’t help feeling, no mater wat happens we are a f***ed and fractured France.