Sex in the City or F***ing Paris


Oh gay Paris ! City of light ! City of love ! City of … sex

Sex in Paris ?

There seems to be this long held (mis)conception that the French are just basically sex-mad. This is the land of loose morals where extra marital affairs are a national past time. It all starts with kissing on both cheeks and then …

I’m not sure where this misconception comes from. I put it down to those austere Victorian types, staring across the Channel and tut-tutting as the French enjoy life.

No matter where the « myth. » originates – a report out this week actually seems to confirm the long held belief that life in France is one long gang bang.

For life in France, I should actually say life in Paris – well we all know that Paris is France.

So what about gay Paris? In a survey conducted on sexual practices of Parisians, 20% said that they were gay or bisexual (LGBTQ) – compared to 11% nationally. 58% of those questioned said that they had already cheated on a Partner (compared to 48% nationally) and 33% of participants had already taken part in a « threesome » whilst 25% had taken part in an orgy. On average, Parisians had 19 sexual Partner in a lifetime and only 25ù of the capital’s couples were in a long-standing relationship (compared to 41% nationally)

Now, a threesome, I get the picture but what about an orgy? Well the survey is very helpful defining an orgy as making love to four partners at any one time. It all sounds very complicated.