New Year Prayer

In a pre Christmas poll commissioned by the Catholic Church (surprise surprise) fewer French people than ever believe in God. A staggering 41% do not believe in anything (perhaps not even themselves.) Oh ye of little faith. Here’s a prayer you can all recite mantra style for the New Year.

To whom it may concern …

May I go into this new year with joy and unbounded naive optimism.

May I take pleasure in every task, no matter how small or futile.

May I go into this new year with the patience to suffer fools and the courage to confront them.

May I be tolerant of others and may I forgive their misdemeanors.

May I achieve my goals and help others in achieving theirs.

May I find purpose where there is none.

May I bring sense where it is lacking.

May I love my family and those that love me and may I try to love those who don’t.

I pray for a hassle free year

May I still be alive at the end of this year to enjoy Christmas