Thoughts on Running Away (not that I am planning to)

I’m fine, these are just a few musings.

It’s November – mournful, grey leaden skies, damp and drizzle and fog and rain and more damp and more rain and the world feels kind of rheumatic. It hurts when I move and I can’t think through the thick fog. I want to run away BUT

I’m not sure if I really want to run away. It actually sounds just a little risky and very uncomfortable- like an adventure. I don’t want real adventures, just the kind that don’t take me too far from home and finish with a large glass of malt whisky (preferably in front of a roaring fire)

Running away from home. Why? I like my home, it is comfortable and full of home comforts. This said, I am not sure that my home would be the sort of place that other considering running away might want to run to.

I’m not sure why I actually want to run away. What am I running from? My family? I love my family and though the old cliché tells us that we don’t choose our family, my wife and I chose each other and then we chose to have kids. I suppose it is simply the kids that never get to choose their parents. Apart from my close family, I have very little family left not to choose. You can choose your friends and none of them are people from whom would wish to run away, besides you just don’t run away from friends, you run away from home.

I have never thought about this ; perhaps my family would like me to run away. It would give them a break and save them having to run away from me.

You run away from home only if you are lucky enough to have a place to call home. Those who have no home are not running away, they are just running, fleeing war or persecution or poverty – these people are looking for a home to run to.

Why run away at all ? Why can’t all those people that make me feel like running away, just run away themselves. I was here first !

It is apparent that I want to run away from those events, happenings and circumstances that are upsetting me. However am I not also an integral part of the problem and wherever I run to the problem will always be there because it is in my character.

Before you run away – know what you are running from and have some idea of where you are running to.

When you run away, ensure that you buy a return ticket (preferably an open return) because you will surely return one day. As opposed to disappearing, runaways often run back. I think it running back is inherent in the term runaway.

Running away (for those who are serious runaways) is ostensibly an act of self pity. You feel sorry for yourself and you run away from those you love in the hope they will contact you and implore you to return.

If those you love do not contact you with tearful pleas for you to return forthwith and on your own terms, do you keep on running until they do contact (with the risk they won’t) or do you return home immediately to confront your loved ones.

In this last case you are confronted with the shocking discovery that those whom you thought loved you actually don’t care, indeed they were quite pleased when you decided to leave