Bring In the Clowns

November 9th – driving home through the pouring rain. Progress is slow, there’s a long line of trucks on the ring road – huge semi trailers all painted up in the gaudy colours of the circus.

Sinister or funny or just sad?
Sinister or funny or just sad?

Hooray! The circus is in town. Accrobats, magicians, wild animals ans even a motorcycle stunt rider – thrills and spills for all the family in fully heated big top – oh, I forgot the clowns, but that’s because I don’t like clowns. At best they might raise a smile with their antics, and at worst, they are sinister, shadowy beings – that might be the fault of Stephen King.

In the run up to Halloween there was a spate of «clown scarings» in the UK – slightly deranged individuals dressing up as creepy clowns and jumping out on unsuspecting bystanders – of coure they filmed their antics and put them on youtube – Hey what’s funnier than some sad git dressed as a freaky clown, weilding a big plastic knife and following young, single women home in the dark???

Talking of clowns, they’re going to put one in the White House – yes I an referring to the clownesque Mr Trump. It started as a joke, Donald was a buffoon, the jester in the Presidential race with ideas so crazy that no one would ever vote for them – but they did.

Like I said, clowns just ain’t funny.