Polaroid Collages

John King 2_2John King

What o do on hot days when you are living out the heat in shuttered darkness – get a pile of old magazines, a pot of glue and pretend to be an artist. Seriously, I’ve tried my hand at collage before. This latest effort … well I was kind of amazed at the rebirth of Polaroid snaps, they’ve become quite fashionable – those small, white bordered photos with their garish color. I get quite a few of my photos now developed in a Polaroid format. So here is some Polaroid collage – I found those huge white borders around photos in fashion magazines interesting – what if I could make my own border and then just fill it with anything to hand – once again, my randomness – guess this is a sign of drifting at fifty – looking for a decent art project, looking for an aim in life whatever. Anyway I took fashion magazines, flyers, junk ads thrust through my letterbox and spent and afternoon mucking about with textures and colors. The July 14 collage was made before the Bastille day attack in Nice. All collages scanned at 200dpi then put through an I photo software.

John King 2_2

Mucking about with shades of blue -mostly background sky from swimwear adverts.

John King 1

Black and white hand torn strips for texture, quite pleased with the result of the anxious looking girl in the image – kind of con jours up the tension and anxiety of this early summer in France.

John King

Trying to mix a few colours


John King 3_2

Main graphic source for this last collage – the vast wads of junk advertising I regular get in my mail box