New Loo

Sitting here this time last year, I had two firm objectives – a new roof and a new toilet.So, I have both. In November, for the first time in my life, to replace my broken toilet, a brand new loo, but when I mean brand new, I mean a brand new loo, chosen from a plumbing catalogue, all freshly fitted and paid for by our hard earned cash.

Oh yes, how many times you might move into a new house with a new toilet, but you haven’t chosen it, the loo came with the house – and just how many builders have used the loo before you. Then of course you buy a house – any house you buy is always second hand and so is the toilet and for a few years you are doing your doings on someone else’s loo. Would you buy and wear secondhand underwear? Why do you use a second hand toilet.

So, a totally new loo, for the first time in my life, and, I chose one high enough and big enough to enjoy nestling down upon to crap away the week and read my Sunday paper.

Also a promise last year – a new roof on my house because the old roof was  leaking and since the week before Christmas a new roof that does not leak. Gone are the buckets, the saucepans, the stress and the angst every time it rains; I have a fully waterproof house.

This year, my major resolution is to pay for all the stuff I got last year.