Random Rubbish

Okay, this photo is rubbish BUT …



Well, yes this is to ally random rubbish. Were I to have placed the empty cigarettes packets and drinks containers in a random way, I would never have  come up with such a fine display as this. It is true sculpture that even Damien Hirst might be proud of. Were I to have scoured the streets of my town to find such worn out, crushed rubbish, I would have sen all day searching through dustbins – and yet here is this rubbish just begging to be photographed.

What does it say?

Three empty crushed cigarette packets and three soft drink containers – two sodas and one yoghurt drink – no alcohol – this is the last cigarette from the packet, early morning after a long night and before heading home. Sodas after a night of drinking – a yoghurt drink for the early breakfast. The last cigarette before throwing away the empty packet. Too much booze. Too many cigarettes and all thrown down by the drain because this is the place that the revealers had their last piss before climbing in the car and heading home. Every photo has a story.

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