Ladies Love Aeroplanes

Writing burn out or just simply crawling my way back out of a creative grave – very morose. Call it the last leg of crossing a creative desert – long days in the wilderness. I had lost that writers’ sixth sense. I had lost that thing where I run words the through my head to make up  lines, phrases, however improbable or plausible or exploitable. Words used to run all the time and here I had run dry until …

I got this thing going in my head the other night “Ladies Love Aeroplanes.” Why the hell I got that, I don’t know. I’m not even sure that ladies love aeroplanes. BUT what does this mean?  Good name for a band or a decent titlle for some kind of science fiction novel. So I couldn’t think of any writing use, but there was certainly a visual  use. I came up with these.

John King

John King 2


Perhaps I need to visualize to write better.

A phrase buzzing round my head at the moment “Lost in a sea of yellow” What is that about?????