Back to Blocked Drains

Snow Front

Nothing quite like a week on the slopes for « getting away from it all. » Sure, lying on a tropical beach, and soaking up the sun does have its undeniable charms, but, somehow, sliding down a snowy mountainside with two bits of wood strapped to your feet is far more fulfilling and certainly more exhilarating, especially for very average skiers such as myself. The pure adrenalin rush and the joy of making it to the bottom of the slope with all limbs intact and without falling over …

Baton break

Of course, good holidays make it even harder to come back, especially when you return to a leaking roof and blocked drains. Be sure that if shit happens, it always happens when you return from holiday. So, tomorrow, first thing – call the plumber and call the roofing specialist, and just hope today that it doesn’t rain and that nothing nasty pops out the plughole in the bathroom. I suppose this post signifies that I am back on the blog after a long absence – due to weight of work, a bout of flu and of course a change of Alpine air. Now all I have to do is find something interesting, entertaining and offbeat to write about.