Sexy Christmas


Christmas. Just sooooooo sexy.

First there’s the build up. The weeks of tempation, anticipation, seduction. Dressing the world in tinsel and lights, erecting the tree … and after the festive foreplay we get to Christmas Day, the bit we’ve all been waiting for. Rippers and strippers all. We unwrap our presents, zealously ripping the paper or carefully stripping it off in delicate anticipation of the final result . After all these long weeks  of waiting you will know if the finality will be orgasmic or just an anti climax. Of course, you may have been prodding the presents before, peeling back the wrapping for a peak as the gaudy packages are nestling under the tree. This is all very premature.

And there are those Christmases where we just go through the motions. Certainly pleasurable, but next year, you’d like just a little more zest and originality. No matter if you hit the highs or not, Christmas is Christmas, what did you expect. Weeks of build up and over in minutes.

So, the true spirit of Christmas?

I like to think of  Good old Scrooge – leaping out of bed, cock a whoop with Christmas after a night with the Spirits. Even Christmas (we hope) can turn the meanest, and grumpiest of us all into « better » people – so like Scrooge we are « glowing with good intentions. » and we can learn to live in the past, the present and the future.

No matter how you feel about Christmas, have a good one.