Christmas coming soon, so here are a few poems I once wrote for Mary (Virgins or otherwise)

First a silly poem


Mary O’Reilly does it all smiley,
Mary Healey likes it feely,
Mary Jane, she don’t complain
Mary Malone does it alone.

Mary Magdalene won’t do it again,
Mary O’Hara just wears mascara,
Mary Jo does it nice and low,
Mary O’Keefe does it all with her teeth.

Mary MacGuire had a mail voice choir,
Mary MacQueen had a rugby team,
Mary Smth had an engine driver
He giggled and giggled and wriggled insife her.

Mary Taylor had a Russian sailor,
Mary Pugh, the Potemkin crew.
Mar Blair had a legionnaire
Mary hull just stuck to her bus conductor.

Mary Sue makes a hullabaloo,
Mary Mac Court got caught short.
Mary Mary’s quite contrary and
Mary Poppins is very hairy.

Mary Simms enjoys her sins,
Mary Scott enjoys them a lot,
Mary O’Slattery gets all chattery
And Mary malone is still alone

All hail to you Mary
And your virgin graces ;
A bloody Mary
To drink
Your immaculate praises.

Now for something a little more ….


I’ve got a good lady in my bed,
I trun to har, she soothes my head,
The burdens I heaped up through the day,
Lay them on her and I drift away.

In her wrap around me arms,
My taliswoman warding off all harm,
My faith in her will see me right,
Get my soul
Through the long dark night.

And this is for an ex-girlfriend who was (strangely enough) called Marie


We are in a shared death with
Corpses serene
In a floral, motionless state .

As the mourner wake, love lost
And talking is through,
Now pulse close contact
Brings nothing new .

We see each other
In the truth of cold light
And, it comes, a blind hate
That stems from fright .

Embroiled, coiled, deeper and deeper,
It was never your style,
Not after your fashion
To become involved in pet passion .

But, once your unwillingness
Drunk down into death,
Contact briefly made on a hot, raging breath,
A quick lip, a hand, the physical streak
Pushing away
Turning your cheek.

My love, this is no exception,
Just one more time,
Treating common emotion
With cold disdain,
In your complicated emptiness,
Regarding this show of affection
As some sex crime .