Ofg Exams and blivion.

Exams, exams and more exams – writing end of year exams. Were it everyday English that would be easy, but this is all about military logistics and maintenance and air delivery (dropping loads out of transport aircraft – which also means you have to find the drop zone) – Burning my way through You Tube to find US Army training videos – I need something about front line maintenance and vehicle recovery. It is strange on You Tube – there is a wealth of video about logistics and Afghan redeployment, but nothing about maintenance. Could I not find videos  or recordings from another site? Well, not really – quite a lot of stuff is accessible but you can’t download it. So, as with every December it is a problem to find original and relevant military material on the web. That is the problem of Internet – there is plenty of stuff for everyday usage but nothing for minority interests.

Apart from that, amongst revolting Bretons, lorry drivers, VAT rises and street protests – well everything is normal of this time of year – France in November is always one huge round of demonstrations – everyone grinding their axe before christmas – mind in any other country, you’d think you were on the edge of oblivion.

There will be a real post next week.