Everybody happy?

Who’s happy? Possibly not François Hollande. The French president is still the most unpopular ever in the history of the Fifth Republic. With a 24% favourable poll rating, he is even more unpopular than Sarkozy himself. Unhappy also the 5% of eternal pessimists who see no way out of our current crisis. Unhappy too, the 3.26 million unemployed. Lets face it though, even when the going is good, the French are always complaining – I guess this is what makes them happy. However here is a happy statistic – in the results of a poll published today, 54% of French people said that not only were they happy but, they felt positive about the future. And guess what, the sun is shining – two uninterrupted days of sunshine, that’s something else to be happy about, though rain has been forecast for the coming weekend, so we’ll all be complaining about the weather again and we’ll all be happy because we’ll have something to complain about. However by Friday, we’ll all be complaining that it’s too hot, and we’ll probably get some “expert” on TV predicting a drought.

Be happy