Now Wash Your Hands

A strange statistic revealed in poll this weekend – 12.5% of French people (at least those questioned for the survey) never wash their hands after going to the toilet. The survey, commissioned by a major manufacturer of  personal hygiene products, The French are a nation of handshakers – friends, neighbours, work colleagues – the standard daily greeting is a « bonjour » and a handshake. Statistically therefore roughly one in ten French people you greet might just have had their hand up their bottom a few minutes before. I put this fact to a friend yesterday who assured me that he always washes his hands « in the toilet. » Bizarre practice – I just hope he flushes beforehand. I of course set my friend right on his error.

If you didn't know how to ash your hands ....

The soapy survey has also come up with a couple of other  handwashing facts, such as 55% of the French never wash their hands after using public transport whilst 24% of people wash their hands a staggering 10 times a day.