French Lesson – Bof.

I’m not sure if I haven’t covered this word in another post. Anyway, here goes.

On this grey, wet, windswept Monday,a  fantastic French word to welcome the new week – “Bof”  (pronounced as it is written).

“Bof” sums up the total lack of enthusiasm with which most workers greet to new week

A typical Monday morning conversation between Pierre and Albert – two fictional work colleagues

Pierre – “Salut! Tu vas bien?” (saloo too var bee anne ?)

Albert – “Bof”

Translation (as if it needed one)

Peter – Hi, how are you?

Albert – Bof (mustn’t grumble)

Imagine that you are invited  round to dinner by someone who collects wine labels or wallpaper samples. You know your evening will be “bof”. You won’t be so bored that you might be contemplating murder or suicide as a good way to prematurely end the evening, you will however be extremely non-plussed and thus “bof”

We also use this word to describe people who are particulary dull, clueless, lack lustre or just plain dumb.

Today has been particularly « Bof », and I daresay that tomorrow will be « Bof » too.