Alternatives to M***e

If you found the last two French lessons slighty « offensive », here are a few words and expression for voicing those sentiments which might use swear words in common usage, but necessitate something « lighter » in polite society or in the « professional environment. »

Let’s get things straight from the start. No one ever says « Sacré bleu », (sacray bler) and I’m not sure if anyone ever said it, and if they did, the expression has now been replaced with something far more rude.

Where you might have said Sacré Bleu you may now say

“Oh Zut”, (oh zoot) meaning Oh Heck or Damn

Another polite exclamation might be “Oh Flute” which means the same as “Oh Zut”

You may also say « Aie aie aie » (aye aye aye) accompanied by the appropriate hand wringing gesture – your basically saying,  deary deary me (if people still say that)

There are polite (but shitty) ways to express yourself.

“Oh Crotte !”  (oh krott) meaning Oh damn, (or literally Oh poo) “Une Crotte” is a small poo. Worried adults who are checking on their constipated kids might say “Tu n’as fait qu’une petite crotte” too naffay koon per teet krot) – you’ve only one a small poo.

Another polite, excrement-related term is

“On est dans la caca” (onnay don le kaka) as opposed to On est dans la merde. Caca being what kids call merde. As for discharge of the liquid variety, most little kids call this “pipi” (peepee)

There you are. Next time, something far ruder