Heading For the Normandy Beaches

French holiday road trip from Calais to Cabourg.

We leave the UK from Dover; which is a town so unpleasant and sinister that it makes a great place to leave from – always better to start a journey from some from somewhere so awful that anywhere else is better – the somewhere else is Calais – on the opposite side of the English Channel – another miserable port town – in the news over the past few years for the vast number of migrants, in and around the town. From Algeria to Afghanistan, they come in their hundreds with one singular intention – to cross to the UK and make a life there. In between there lies the Channel – only 23 miles wide between Calais and Dover. The immigrants will try any way to get across, hopping on lorries, hiding in trailers, walking through the Channel Tunnel – any risk is worth the risk for the promise of a new life in Britain. Escaping war torn countries, or grinding poverty in the lands thy called home, they cross Europe, last stop Calais, waiting to take their chance in a chance crossing. For years, the migrants were huddled in an illegal camp knob as “The Jungle” – that was dismantled by the authorities and the migrants were “dispersed” to other parts of France, but many just headed back, intent on crossing to Britain. The migrants err around the town, along the highways into Calais or on the car parks of petrol station or lay bys on the roads into Calais. They have become such a familiar sight that what was once “shocking” is now commonplace.

On the road out of he port, mile upon mile of high wire mesh fences surmounted with rolls of  razor wire to stop the migrant eating into the port. The once sedate Channel Ferry port now looks like a prison camp.

From Calais, we head to our destination of Cabourg – a small family seaside resort on the Normandy coast, near Caen, very popular with Parisians. Welcome to Cabourg – revel in the nostalgia of what the seaside looked like a generation ago.. Along this stretch the Normandy coast is all slong, windswept,sandy beaches with iconic beach huts.

Beach huts in Cabourg

Cabourg beach front with a sepia finish

Sandcastles in Cabourg

Low tide in Cabourg

Once in Normandy – A pilgrimage to the Normandy landing beaches and a viitto the Bayeux Tapestry. Today it is raining, his is definitely not a beach day and every tourist in Normandy has headed to a museum. Lines of wet tourists snake their way around the entrance to the Arromanches museum. No pre booking by Internet, you just wait in the rain. At Bayeux, the queues are o great that they have had to close the museum.

Waiting in line in Arromanches

Rainy day for the beach

Rainy beach misery

On the Beach in Arromanches

Next leg from Cabourg to Lorient


Raining Cats, Dogs, Cows and Golden Showers or True Recycling

Hooray – Summer’s here and the time is right for … Well you won’t be dancing in the streets today. It’s raining. Not just a short shower or a drizzly interlude NO, this is real rain. Thick, thudding non-stop rain. Massive drops that fall and explode on you like miniature water bombs. Veritable cats and dogs, though in France, the locals prefer to say, it is « pissing like a cow » – though I have never seen a cow pissing at close quarters and I have no intention of ever getting close enough to witness bovine golden showers.


So, I used the golden shower motif with some reservation, and in a check on the Internet to see if there weren’t some people turned on by watching cows wee, I found this on a website – an old post dating from 2009 about a drink made from recently passed and sacred bovine waters.

New soft drink to be made from cow wee.

A hard-line Hindu organisation, known for its opposition to “corrupting” Western food imports, is planning to launch a new soft drink made from cow’s urine, often seen as sacred in parts of India.

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), or National Volunteer Corps, said the bovine beverage is undergoing laboratory tests for the next 2 to 3 months but did not give a specific date for its commercial release.


Urine drinking (Yuck). However, there are certain religious sects in India where members drink their own urine, and I have also found plenty of articles on the Internet from people who extol the health virtues of urine drinking – such as this «glamorous » 63 year-old woman who drink a pint of her own urine everyday. (follow the link)


Or what about this couple?


Is their any coincidence that both of these articles appeared in the Daily Mail? Are there urine drinkers amongst the newspaper’s journalists?

Oh dear, all these people taking the piss – literally. It brings me to the subject of my elderly neighbours, who have just returned from a fortnight of « taking the waters » – two weeks « detox » in a regional spa town.

As keen gardeners, no sooner had my neighbours returned in the early afternoon, than they were out tending their vegetable garden. A couple of hours later, Madame came round and offered us some homegrown cucumbers and a couple of large marrows.

Now, though Madame may not do her bodily doings in the garden, I know for a fact, that Monsieur, when caught short, is not averse to exercising his excremental necessities on his compost heap. Many times we’ve caught him readjusting his trousers after a short squat on the compost. OH YUCK, we’re eating veg that this guy has S*** on. Yeah, but my neighbour only eats his own veg and then craps it all back on the compost heap. This is true recycling. This really is organic. And the veg tastes great.

I thought that it was only my elderly neighbour doing this. However in chats with other vegetable growing types, I have found that many of them are prone to an occasional and discreet dump on the compost heap. It’s as good as manure and its home produced, though I am reliably informed that the quality of one’s personal manure is only as good as the quality of one’s diet. So, be careful what you eat before you excrete at the end of your garden.

Of course these excrementory escritoires and scatological scribbling , were not the initial intended content of this post. I was merely going to write about the weather.

As a final thought.I have caught my neighbor peeing in his stare barrel. Nothing yes to waste. Could our cars ever run on urine?????